Vision Master
FT Radar

Safe Navigation Under All Conditions

The VMFT Radar is designed with the latest technology and is everything you expect from a world class radar system. The user-friendly interface has a full range of advanced features, providing the user with safe and simple radar with intelligent functionality.


  • Advanced Clutter Suppression
  • Target Acquisition
  • AIS Targets
  • Interswitching
  • Compatibility
  • Dual-Channel Option*
  • Personalisation

Technical Specifications

Clutter Suppression
Automatic clutter suppression technology

Target Acquisition
Automatically acquire and track targets at relative speeds up to 150 knots

AIS Targets
Supports processing and display of AIS ATONS, Search & Rescue Craft, AIS SARTS, AIS Base Stations, safety messaging and AIS MKD.

Digital controlled interswitching allows the interface of up to six transceivers & up to six displays

Retrofitted with the BridgeMaster E product line

Dual-Channel Option
Display data from two independent transceivers onto the same screen and targets can be tracked on both channels. *not available in the 250 desktop configuration.

Each watch officer can have their own personalised operational settings

Type approved performance
IEC 62388/IEC 60945/IEC 62288/IEC 61162-1/IEC 61162-2